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Access Control Systems

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Access Control System is designed for areas where need for security is crucial. It protects human life, property and information and provides safe and comfortable environment by limiting unnecessary access to essential areas such as office, building, factory, R&D Center and more. By deploying RF/Smart Card, Biometric recognition (fingerprint/face) devices and central control units into an access control system, it prevents any possible danger or interference from the outside, which helps to maximize work productivity.

01. Access control
: Individual access control by time, date with time schedule function
: Remote door open/close control by manager and remote real time monitoring of access event status
: Remote output/alarm device on/off control and real time monitoring of Alarm event status.
03. Access event management
: Access event search and report printing by date, by individual, by group, by door
: Personal information search and photo printing of each access user.
04. Integration with other various systems
: Integrated operation with time & attendance, debt meal and vehicle access system using only one ID card for all those system.
: Data export in various file format (Excel, Text, PDF) and data interface with various system of ERP/IBS and more.
: Integration with DVR, CCTV and Video server.
: Support Automatic door, speed gate, Turnstile gate and other various type of gate.

Time Attendance Systems


Our Time & Attendance Systems are designed to manage attendance of employees by lateness, early leave, and overtime work, outside duty, absence, holiday work and more. We provide optimized interoperating system with various business management solutions suitable for all types and sizes of businesses using Biometric recognition (fingerprint) or RFID/Smart card system. It prevents any possible deceiving of employees. Keep track of employee time and attendance and other human resource management with sophisticated T/A solution.

– Application: Basic time and attendance, overtime work management, multi shift management and management of various work rules
– Applicable site: Office, Small business place, factory, construction workers and big sized business place
– Benefits:
* Eliminates unauthorized use of other people’s credential
(accurate identification of users / perfect prevention of buddy-punching)
* Cost effective due to computerized human resources management
* Remote control allows integrated human resources management in real time