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Curtain Automation

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The combination of beautiful curtains, Easyautogates curtain tracks and the Easyautogates ® provide a unique combination of magnificently smooth hanging curtains, comfortable luxury and optimal ease of use. The smooth and silent running curtain track system can, in addition to remote operation, also be operated by hand. Thanks to Easyautogates’s special Touch Impulse technology, a gentle pull on the curtain is enough to activate the motorized curtain track. With the Easyautogates® you no longer need to enter every room in the morning to open the curtains, this can be done differently and with greater comfort. The Easyautogates ® makes also sure that, together with the Easyautogates track, your curtains will always hang beautifully smooth and supple. Opened as well as closed!. With the Easyautogates ® your curtains will look better and will have a longer life span, because you no longer need to touch them with your hands. With the Easyautogates ® you will no longer forget to open or close any curtain. Besides the fact that this provides for increased safety by blocking the view, it also helps you save on energy. After all, curtains create a pleasant home, full of atmosphere and style. When you leave on holiday, you are able to preprogram the opening and closing of your curtains. This allows you to create the impression that your home is lived in, herewith decreasing the risk of a break-in.