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Roof Automation

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Elegant Streamlined Design available in a range of colors Custom Sizes ranging from compact folding warehouses to massive retractable structures designed for e­cient loading and unloading of material Robust Carrying Structure made from galvanized steel consisting of arcs connected by pantograph bars requiring no maintenanceResistant to Wind Speeds and Snow Loads up to 70 mph wind loads with 3 second gusts up to 100 mph, and snow loads of30 lbs per square foot. Conforms to IBCO (International Building Code)Secure Ground Fixture and Sliding Mechanismin performed forged and turned steel wheels with double ball bearings in a safety casing specially designed to be windproof and prevent derailment. Sliding ground tracks are made of a pressed galvanised steel, complete with brackets or bored plates ‑rmly  anchored to a layer of reinforced concrete.Durable Fabric consisting of heavy duty Class 2 ‑re retardant PVC

fabric (90 g/m2) resistant to 100,000 folds on the same spot with an impressive

working temperature range of between – 30°C and + 70°C

Tightly Fastened Cover held by welded plates, double steel rings, belts with

a breaking strength of up to 350 kgs and special features designed to reduce friction

E­cient Closing Systems with sliding curtains in front and rear

mounted on tracks equipped with double ball bearings

Multiple Possible Con‑gurations

ranging from freestanding to double side-mounted

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