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Sliding Gates Automation

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An evolution in command logic and in the motorized gate system’s control: CAME offers a range of automation systems for sliding gates up to 400 600 800 Kg suitable for various installations, operations and safety requirements. Options include the basic version for residential use to more sophisticated versions equipped with an ENCODER for a constant electronic control of the system, or with a low voltage motor for constant, intensive operation. Safety systems are doubtlessly the most important devices in automation where safeguarding people and vehicles are fundamental. The movement signaling flashing lights and the new ANTI-COLLISION beams of the special photocells are indispensable in a gate system complying with the safety regulations in force. Safety edges are also necessary when the gate automation does not include certain safety parameters or when installed for special applications. The infrared photoelectric edges offered by CAME guarantee a more effective solution for numerous active protection needs required by the UNI 8612 safety standards in force Operation with these devices is guaranteed even in cases where the rubber section is damaged; they may be applied either on the moving gate or the fixed parts, in lengths up to 8 m (26 ft).

 Sliding Automation System

Descriptions Single Phase induction motor couple with
 Worm Gear Speed Reducer with manual override
release Patented Mechanical Clutch
Operating Voltage AC220-240 Supply
Output Power 600W / AC Motor
Motor Rotation Speed 1400 RPM
Max. Weight of Gate 1000kg
Velocity 10.m / Minute
Current 5A Max
Lubrication Grease Type
Safety Device Mechanical Clutch (Patented)
Safety Cut Off Auto Reverse Electronic Load Surge Detector
IR Safety Beam Optional
Safety Cut Off Auto Reverse Electronic Load Surge Detector
Remote Controller 2 channel UHF PWM
Upgrade to Metal Pinion Gear Optional
Automatic Lighting Yes
Safety Limit Timer Yes
Auto Close On Adjustable Time Yes
Simple Underbase For Proximity Card Yes
& Loop Detector


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