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laser beam security system motion detector For Boundary Wall Security

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One of our most popular laser beam security system, Photoelectric Detectors provides the most advanced features in a very attractive, compact weather resistant design. Included in our “MY” series are Dual Beam – Pulse Infrared, Sealed Optics, Variable Beam Interruption Time, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Metered Voltage Outputs, and Simple-To_Use Viewfinder for Easy Alignment.

  • Indoor, Outdoor Use
  • Dual Photo Beam – Pulsed Infrared, Sealed Optics
  • Alarm Trips Only When Both Beams are Interrupted
  • NO/NC (SPDT Form “C”)
  • Dry Contact Relay Output
  • No Heater Required
  • Variable Beam Interruption Time
    • 50 msec to 500 msec
  • Operational -13 F to 131 F
  • Kit Includes Wall/Pole Mounting Hardware
  • Detection Distance
    • 60 meters Outdoors (200 ft)
    • 120 meters Indoors (400 ft)
  • Color:  (Black)


Specifications MY-60
Coverage, Outdoor 60 m. / 200 ft.
Coverage, Indoor 120 m. / 400 ft.
Sensing Type Pulsed Active Infrared
Alarm Output Form A or Form B / NC/NO (selectable), 24 VDC / 200 mA
Alarm Duration 2 sec. ±1 sec.
View Adjustment Horizontal 180° (±90°), Vertical 10° (±5°)
Supply Voltage 11 to 26 VDC
LED Indication Power On: Green; Standby/Power On: Green; Alarm: Red
Current Draw 17 mA / 27 mA
Application Indoor / Outdoor
Temperature Range -25° C to 55° C (-13° F to 131° F)
Mounting Type Wall or pole mount
Construction Black poly-carbonate
Weight Transmitter: 340 g (0.75 lb.); Receiver 350 g (0.8 lb)

Security Dual Photo Beams can be used as a perimeter alarm and detection system; great for invisible fencing needs.

75m / 150m / 250m Quad Photoelectric Beam Sensor- 4 Channel
P/N:  4PH-75BQE / 150BQ / 250BQ


Optical systems that combine high-power lasers with large-aperture bean directors have been developed as prototypes for a number of tactical defensive weapon systems, and have been proposed for large-scale strategic defense systems. Several such systems are currently in use for propagation measurements and for long-range high-resolution imaging radar applications. For efficient operation, advanced systems use adaptive optics techniques to control the wave front phase distribution [1]. The controller measures and corrects the wave front irregularities introduced by the laser device and internal optical train imperfections between the laser and the exit aperture of the bean director The controller must also provide corrections for the unavoidable aberrations in the external propagation path caused by nature. Atmospheric turbulence and the lending (or thermal blooming) caused by absorption of the transmitted beam in the atmosphere While the controller is designed to correct wave front distortions in practice thermal turbulence created by heated laser optics can overwhelm the ability of the controller to correct the external disturbances [2].Optical distortion created by uncontrolled air temperature gradients is a problem that is not confined to high-power laser systems. The mirrors and supporting structure in astronomical telescopes typically cool more slowly than the nighttime air. The resulting temperature offsets create thermal turbulence, or mirror currents, that can seriously degrade performance [3]. One solution commonly used by astronomers is to open the dome and let the ambient winds carry the thermal currents out of the beam path.

Model:  75m / 150m / 250m Quad Photoelectric Beam Sensor- 4 Channel
P/N:  4PH-75BQE / 150BQ / 250BQ


  • 75m / 150m / 250m protection range for outdoor use.
  • A.G.C. ( Automatic Gain Control ) circuit.
  • Double Modulation with selectable 4-channel beam frequencies.
  • Adjustable Beam Interruption Period.
  • High Grade Aspherical Lens.
  • Static, Lightning & Surge Resistance.
  • Environment Detection Function.
  • Heating Unit (HT-200) as an optional part for extremely cold area.
  • IP Rate: 55
  • CE Certificate.
  • FCC Certificate.