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Security walkthrough gates Metal Detector

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Security walkthrough gates Metal Detector Installation Service

Product Description
The multi-purpose multi-zone Security walkthrough gate metal detector used primarily for weapons detection at locations including Passenger Screening at airports and Seaports, Visitor Screening at Courthouses, Federal Buildings and Prisons.

Automatic Under-vehicle inspection system/under vehicle inspection mirror


  • 6 physical independent detection zones in this security walkthrough gate.
  • 6 Pinpoint Zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe and pinpoint the location of metal object on six LED bar graphs on the eye level frames.
  • Multi-dimensional coil design.
  • Advanced Broadband Detection Technology provides superior target analysis, ferrous and non-ferrous weapons detection, discrimination and higher patron throughput.
  • User friendly LED control panel.
  • High visible LED Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touch pads plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into a single lockable overhead compartment which eliminates exposure of wires and external control box.
  • Easy Assembly.
  • Accu-Check is easily assembled with only 4 (four) pieces and 8 (eight) screws and simple to follow instructions.

Turnstile Access Control System Installation Service

  • Multi-Dimensional Scanning.
  • The Accu-Check uses multi-dimensional scanning which ensures maximum throughput and uniform screening with a minimum of false alarm. Multiple coil circuitry with dual alarm lights inform operators on which side of the detector the target is located. With “hot spots” eliminated, the unit’s detection field is uniform throughout the archway and false alarm are significantly minimized. Microprocessor Controlled.