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Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is at times known as bob wire This is a metal fencing sort of fencing that is constructed with some sharp edges structured at a variety of factors on the stands. This sort of wire is utilized so as to come up with fences that are...
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Razor Wire

Boundary wall razor wire fence installation service in Pakistan Razor wire fence is a high security boundary wall security system, designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter barriers. GLORAZ is fabricated from stainless steel and high tensile wire, which is impossible to cut off with standard tools. It is...
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laser beam security system motion detector For Boundary Wall Security

Photo Electric Laser Beam
One of our most popular laser beam security system, Photoelectric Detectors provides the most advanced features in a very attractive, compact weather resistant design. Included in our “MY” series are Dual Beam – Pulse Infrared, Sealed Optics, Variable Beam Interruption Time, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Metered Voltage Outputs, and Simple-To_Use Viewfinder...
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